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Camino Polytechnic: A Science and Natural Resources Charter School

     Camino Polytechnic will provide an academically rigorous standards-based curriculum using natural resource based education as an integrating context for learning across the curriculum.  The school will uniquely use its surroundings and community to make the educational program relevant, team-focused and community-oriented.  Students will learn in an environment where what they do complements and extends what they learn.

     Through the natural resources based focus, students will learn standards-based content that is integrated into relevant themes; increase and practice problem-solving and critical thinking skills in school and community natural resources contexts; develop and practice life skills such as cooperation, team work, community-service and interpersonal communications; and gain an appreciation and understanding of how the community and natural surroundings are interrelated.  The school provides a novel way of applying research on the benefits of local and relevant natural resource based education, implications of brain-based research on active learning for increasing student engagement, research on effective teams, research on effective instructional strategies, and research on effective assessment. Creative Engineering; Science Labs; Scientific Inquiry; Cooperative Learning; Hands-On Learning; Action Projects; Higher Order Thinking